Gletscher City Resort

Gletscher City Resort

Gletscher City Resort

«Totur International» company has started the development and implementation of the super-project "Gletscher City Resort". The company has assembled a unique consortium of specialists and the largest companies in Europe, South Korea, Russia, able to implement the project of any technical complexity in the shortest time possible to the highest world standards. Gletscher City Resort is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the Gulf of Oman along the mountain chain of the Emirate of Al Fujairah. Beautiful mountains, sulfur springs, unique climate are a distinctive feature of the Emirate of Al Fujairah and make it one of the most beautiful and green corners of the United Arab Emirates.

The project will include residential apartments, hotels, shopping centers, SPA, fitness, ski slopes with sports, amateur and childrens’ tracks, snowboard parks, tubing, long toboggan runs, cross-country ski tracks and snowshoes tracks with exits to scenery spots and much more.

The project is the result of joint work of architects, engineers and experts of mountain skiing. The scale of the internal space allows us to talk about the creation of a full-fledged ski resort in all its diversity.

Gletscher City Resort is an indoor ski resort, which corresponds to the parameters of the ski resort in natural conditions. The aesthetics of the construction and its architectural solution were largely determined by technological parameters and engineering know-how. The construction is a huge thermal collector and a refrigerator at the same time. After the formation of the glacier, the construction can be practically independent and do not require an external power source.

Gletscher City Resort due to its own cold, electricity, water and low operating costs in conjunction with commercial spaces and a unique program will become cost-effective and quickly payback project.

  • The total area of the plot - 570 hectares
  • Total area of capital construction objects - 4,002,000 sq. m.
  • The area of the snow surface - 620,000 sq. m.
  • The difference in altitude from sea level to the top - 500 m.
  • The width of the trails - 200-500 m.
  • The length of the trails - up to 2500 m.
  • The total length of the trails - 15 km
  • Maximum capacity - more than 15 000 guests

The height difference - 500 meters, the length of up to 2500 meters, the variety of slopes, the air temperature, humidity, lighting and other parameters of the structure are in accordance with the requirements of the FIS (International Ski Federation, Switzerland). All those characteristics allow to organize not only amateur skiing for tourists, but also a full-fledged training process for professional athletes, and to hold sports events of the highest world level, including the World Cups in all mountain sports with the maximum level of comfort and safety in the most suitable climatic conditions.

It must be remembered that for the last hundred years mankind has a noticeable effect on the global natural processes that determine life on Earth, and enters into contradictions with them.

There are many reasons, but the main courses of these contradictions are well known:

  • — rapid development of industrial technologies, energy, transport, IP industry;
  • — increase in population growth rates and, as a result, a snowballing growth of consumption.

We faced new threats to the existence of not only individual species of plants and animals, but all life on the planet.

By creating this project and forming a consortium of world-class specialists and organizations, “Totur International” placed the emphasis on the fact that the above problems oblige all people, states and companies to unite their efforts with the goal of creating integrated global solutions. These solutions should be based on environmentally friendly, green energy technologies and alternative renewable natural resources. It is necessary to introduce those solutions today in order to facilitate and simplify the existence of people and territories that do not have free access to the first consumption products, such as water, food, energy.

While integrating technology into global natural processes, considering the specific features of specific areas, one must adhere to their balanced and sustainable compliance with natural processes.

The project «Gletscher City Resort» owes its name to such natural phenomenon like Alpine Gletscher, which, like any living natural construction on our planet, has its own internal code, its genome. It will be recreated using ultramodern technology «Gletcher Genome». The basis of technology is a group of patents from the field of green energy, which allows to collect and concentrate low potential heat from the environment and turn it into cold and electricity.

The project "Gletscher City Resort" is a step forward towards the opportunity for each place on earth to preserve and reveal its uniqueness and beauty in the reasonable interaction of a person with the uniqueness of wildlife.